Best Burgers For Bruce Springsteen Fans In London

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In less than a fortnight, Springsteen fans from around the world will be descending on my home town of London to see Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band rocking Wembley Stadium. Two weeks later, Bruce and the band will be gracing the stage of the Olympic Park, to continue what they didn’t get to finish at Hard Rocking Calling last year in Hyde Park.
On each tour I always do whatever I can to travel abroad at least one show to see the band play. It’s a totally different experience depending on the city, with a different set of fans to those I meet at home. In the US, I’ve seen more fist pumping than I thought was humanly possible. In Italy I’ve gawked at hundreds of men dressed up as Bruce, little beard and all. For fans travelling to the UK this year, I expect you’ll see crowds of fans huddled under umbrellas, shivering in the rain. It always seems to rain when I see the band here.
It’s no secret I like my food, so these trips abroad have become as much about the dishes I’m going to eat, as the songs I’m going to hear. Whether it’s a parmo in Middlesbrough, a pizza in Florence or a hot dog in New York, I’ll always make sure that I’m well fed when I’m on my own Springsteen tour. 
With Bruce and the band soon playing in London, many fellow travelling Springsteen fans have asked me to share some eating spots in the city. Naturally, it’s only right if this is a compilation of the second ‘b’ closest to my heart. For the Springsteen fans out there who love their burgers as much as Bruce, this post is for you! 
A Springsteen fan himself, Burger Bear Tom serves up some of the best street stall burgers going in London. The Grizzly Bear burger is a personal favourite, with a sticky sweet home-made concoction of ‘bacon jam’ which is generously dolloped inside. For fans of street food, Burger Bear is one of many great street food stalls available at various food markets in London. (Read the full post here.)
Burger Bear Grizzly Bear Burger

Tweet @burgerbeartom to see where he’s at.


One of the most easily accessible good quality burgers in London, you can’t turn a corner without running into one of these burger joints. Ever reliable and delicious, if you find yourself short on time but still want to get an eat-in restaurant experience, this a great option (with a veggie burger on the menu too – not that I’ve tried it – pah). Make sure you leave room for the mac’n’cheese side and the new Rocky Road dessert. 
Byron Burger

Also a street stall favourite these burgers are super simple yet mouth-wateringly delicious. Influences for these burgers are taken from NYC where the owner Zan lived for 12 years. The only difficulty is choosing between a standard cheese burger or a blue cheese burger. One thing is for sure – always go for a double! 
Bleeker Cheese Burger
If you’re looking to eat in, Patty & Bun is one of the best options in the capital, with great burgers and a just as good sound track (although I’m yet to hear Bruce played here). Be warned, there might be a queue, but these now famous burgers are worth the wait – as are the moorish chicken wings. Lay your napkins across your lap and tuck them into your collar to avoid any burger juice ruining your Springsteen t-shirt. 
Smokey Robinson at Patty & Bun
For a quick and simple burger in an informal setting in a central location (Covent Garden). (Read the full post here.)

Shake that Shack

Another street stall option, you can’t go wrong with Mother Flipper’s double candied bacon burger. Just look at how beautiful it is. Again, being a street stall, there’s other great street food options alongside. 
Double Candy Bacon Burger from Mother Flipper
This is one of London’s top cheap eat burgers, the only thing as good as the ‘Honest’ burger is the rosemary fries (my favourite in London). Ever popular, a meal at Honest does often require a wait to get a table, but the good news is you can put your name down, go for a drink, and they’ll call you when it’s ready. There’s plenty of watering holes to pass the time at before you eat. Locations include Brixton, Soho, Oxford Circus, Notting Hill and King’s Cross. (Read the full post here).
The Honest Burger from Honest
Super cheap with a small menu featuring as little as burgers, crunchy onion fries and bottomless tea and coffee. Also a great veggie burger option available, the Dirty Cop Out! (Read the full posts here and here.)
Cheeseburger at Dirty Burger
This burger takes some careful planning as it’s only available on a Monday to Friday lunch time, but it’s consistently brilliant and nearby Borough Market is a good (if a little expensive) food market to wander.
Eliott’s Cafe Burger
Love burgers? Love gravy? I don’t need to say anything more, just head to this place in south London.

Dip it!

Lucky Chip

For food lovers looking for burgers that are a little different to the norm, this is the place to visit. All burgers are named after celebs, the best for me is the Kelly LeBrock, a burger smothered with cream cheese and one of the messiest, most delicious burgers in the city. Located in an old pub in East London, Lucky Chip gets busy in the evenings and the weekends, so arrive early evening for a table. (Read the full post here.)
Kelly LeBrock at Lucky Chip
If you’re looking to splash a bit more cash this cosy Jason Atherton restaurant in Mayfair offers one of the best burgers in London, and you can book ahead (no queuing!!) (Read the full post here).

Little Social burger

Seeing Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band should always come hand in hand with great things to eat. If you are a food lover like me, make sure you try a burger on my Burgers and Bruce list!

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