Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band at San Siro, Milan, Italy – 3 July 2016

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band played at Milan’s San Siro Stadium on 3 July 2016. For the last few weeks… months… oh shiiiiit it’s been months, I’ve tried to find a way to explain what went down that night. I’ve tried every day, and honestly, I’m no closer to telling you what happened. All I know is there were tears. Piles and piles of them though that Land of Hope and Dreams opener, and then dotted through that 35 song setlist. Tears of what? I don’t know. Happiness? Relief? Tears of tiredness? Whatever they were, they were tears I didn’t realise I had in me. But then that’s what a Bruce show does to you.
And then I remember that version of Shout, when the crowd in front of me were so so into it (please watch the vid below) that I had to go up to them at the end and thank them for there energy, for helping make this one of the best nights of my life. Because it was.
It turns out all I can give you are these pictures and these videos. And I hope that goes some way to explain. Because honestly, it’s all I’ve got. And I think you understand.




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