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2013 Burgers and Bruce (Springsteen) Tour Highlights

75 burgers. 8 Bruce Springsteen concerts. 6 flights. 15 trains. 4 car journeys. 8 queues. 100s Bruce Buds. 4 Grey Hairs. 2 inches. 1 dress size. 54 blog posts. 1 important burger chat. That’s the edited version for those tight on time. Have I really eaten that many burgers? I won’t talk about them all,…
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Best Burgers For Bruce Springsteen Fans In London

*I’ll try to update this list as much as possible but for burger (or any other food tips) get in touch with me on Twitter @BurgersAndBruce, email burgersandbruce@gmail.com or on my Facebook page. In less than a fortnight, Springsteen fans from around the world will be descending on my home town of London to see Bruce Springsteen…
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