The burger at the Outpost pub, Lake Louise, Canada

Lake Louise, Canada, is one of those one-horse town kinda places. Except calling it a town is quite generous – the ‘town’ consists of a car park with a post office (closed), supermarket (tiny) and a pub (more on the pub later). That’s not a town, it’s not even a village. It’s just a car park. And there are no horses.
Anyway, people don’t go to Lake Louise for the car park, they go for the lake (pictured below, it’s real nice).
I was in Lake Louise and I needed somewhere to eat. I’m new to this hiking thing, and it makes me hungry! Finding somewhere to eat in a one-horse town is pretty hard, and I ended up in the only pub Lake Louise has: the Outpost.
In the pub there was a dude working behind the bar, and he was great – really kind and enthusiastic. I asked what he recommended and he said the burger at the pub was one of the best he’d ever eaten.
Now call me a burger snob, but I just didn’t believe him. Not because I thought he was a liar, but because I thought that he obviously a) didn’t eat many burgers, which would probably make this one amazing b) was trying to do a hard sell (why? I dunno) c) had a tendency to exaggerate. “Yeah yeah,” I thought, looking around me at the pub. “The burger is blatantly dry and butters.”

As I waited for my burger to arrive, I ate some seriously sexy chips, with cheese curds and gravy. This got my excited, because these chips were fit.

And then the burger. I mean – *wow*. I know it doesn’t look like much (it was darkish in there), but it was exactly what I wanted my burger to be at that point in time. A hug in a bun. Just siiiiiimmple, saucy, warming, cheesed-up. No cutting corners with gritty frozen patties or old, wilting lettuce. Someone in that kitchen really loved making it. You know when you can tell that a burger has been loved?

This burger in Lake Louise *is* one of the best that the bar dude has eaten, because it’s one of the best that I’ve eaten, too.

As for the lake and the hiking? They aren’t so bad either.

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