Local Miami: A burger and food tour in Florida with the Burger Beast

Some of you may have seen that last year I went to Miami to eat all the food. The plan was to meet up with the Burger Beast, Miami’s biggest food blogger, and get him to show us a local side of the city, away from all those people doing weights and yoga and shit.

I went with my friend Tom, and we had a right old time. The piece ran in in Escapism magazine, and I’m gonna encourage you to read it right here, because it contains shiiiit loads of food recommendations, and because it’s quite fun. Although I guess I would say that about my own piece. 
BUT that’s not all. I only had 1,200 words to play with, so I couldn’t write about all the food we tried. So below you’ll find more food highlights for Miami, and a few other things you can get up too. I went to this city expecting to hate it (glitz + glamour = yuck), but actually we blooming loved it. And hopefully you will too.

Click here to read the full feature.

First of all, the Burger Beast. One hell of a man, who gave up days of his time to drive us around showing us his hometown. Blooming love him. Check out his blog because the below is just a smidge of what Miami has to offer.
Sef (the Beast) runs the Whealin Dealin’ Street Food Festival, and if you’re in town over this (it’s the third Saturday every month), I’d really recommend going to try the best of Miami’s food trucks, and for a taste of every day life in the city (no tourists, just local families).

Burger Beast

Woody’s Burgers

Woody's burgers Miami

 Marlie’s Delights is the best food truck for desserts, especially these apple cinnamon rolls.

Marlie's Delights Miami

AND there are loads of dogs.

Here are my other tips, in a list, because otherwise I’ll be here until the end of time.
It’s a bit of a drive to get here (you’ll def need a car), but it’s worth it for the sweet potato croquettes, fit burgers and marshmallow sauce. Try the Inside-Out Juicy Lucy burger (6oz pimento cheese and bacon stuffed angus topped with American cheese) and the Chorizo Patti sandwich (5oz house made chorizo with American cheese and lime cilantro aioli).
Oooh and the beer and cheese soup.

MEAT Eatery Boca burger

MEAT Eatery Boca burger
If like me you’re a late-night eater, head to this local bakery for Cuban classics (toast with butter dipped into your coffee. Yeah, dipped).

Karla Bakery Cuban tostada cafe con leche

Josh’s Deli

This deli is up the beach away from the touristy throngs of South Beach. It’s in Surfside, a sleepy kind of place, good for families or a chilled brunch on a Sunday. Josh is the owner and chef, give him a high five from me if you go. And try the pastrami frita burger.
Josh's Deli Miami

This is Josh

Tom trying the burger at Josh’s (with a pastrami sandwich on his plate)

We also got some pastrami to go – for Sef’s parents, obvs.

Burger Beast

Proper Sausages
This place is basically a butchers where locals go for sausage sandwiches. GO GO GO.

Proper Sausages Miami

Jefe’s (meaning the Boss, wahay!) is one of Miami’s best food trucks, I think. The fish tacos are delicate and delicious, but it’s aaaallll about the burger, pictured below. Ask for it ‘Burger Beast style’ and it’ll come au natural without any lettuce and tomato. He’s normally parked up in Wynwood, the arty, hipster part of town.
Jefe's Original Food Truck Miami

Wynwood grafitti Miami

Jefe's Originals burger

Good choice on Lexington Avenue for burgers that are verrrrry similar to Shake Shack. Burger Beast says they do some of the best fries in Miami. They were REALLY good.

BurgerFi Miami
For all your flan and cake needs.
Fireman Derek's Miai

This is where to get your Cuban food. Miami has a huge Cuban population, so Sef took us to Little Havana to try it. This place doesn’t seem to have had much of a refurb since the 70s, and that’s why it’s great. We tried the frita cubana, various other fritas and a batido de mamey –  a sweet, thick fruit juice. Have a cafecito for a caffeine kick at the end.

El Rey de las Fritas Miami

Little Havana streets Miami
Lots of chillin on benches in Little Miami

La Sandwicherie
Obviously trips to Miami need to include the beach.

When you get hungry, head to Le Sandwicherie, just off 14th Avenue. It’s an outdoor cafe with stools around the counter, and they make huuuuge, healthy-ish sandwiches. Meat, cheese and fruit stuffed in baguettes and croissants. We went once. And then again. And again. You get the idea. Great place for coffee too.

La Sandwicherie Miami

Croissant bun = YES

When we weren’t eating, we spent most of our time in Twist, Miami’s most famous and best gay club. It’s the nuts, in every sense of the word.

Afterwards, the best place to go is Cheeseburger Baby. It’s a bit grimy, but really is one of the best burgers in Miami (and I think it’s been going the longest too). It’s so good it makes you do this. 

And order another.

Head to South Beach in Miami and you’ll see that everyone fancies themselves a bit. It’s selfie central, and quite contagious. Why else would we take selfies on the beach? Oh yeah, cos we are idiots.

Thank you Burger Beast you absolute legend. Catch ya again soon!




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  • Thanks again for coming, it was great reliving it all over again.