Review: Burgershack, The Royal Oak, Marylebone, London

London’s most prestigious burger blogger (er no, not me) has created his own burger menu. 
Burgerac is my fav London burger detective, and his taste in music is almost as good as mine. He’s not a Bruce Springsteen fan (I’m working on it) but he is all about great tunes.
What a relief! London now has sweet ass burgers, in a chilled pub, with excellent music. It’s Burgerac’s new venture – Burgershack – at The Royal Oak pub in Marylebone.
I’m not writing nice things because he’s my pal. I’m writing nice things because these burgers are really excellent. They have been meticulously crafted (I expect no less from Burgerac, he’s a proper perfectionist with this stuff) and are some of the best going.

All over my jeans. ALL OVER.

Burgerac loves his music as much as he loves his burgers, so when you go (not if, but when) you can expect to hear some top quality tracks (that’s coming from someone who doesn’t dish out restaurant/pub music praise too frequently). During my visit there was some David Bowie and Men Without Hats. I mean that song Safety Dance, not loads of men in the pub not wearing hats. Although there was a bit of that too.

The Royal Oak pub is in swanky Marylebone so the burgers may appear a tad expensive. But you’re paying for quality and expertise here, and it’s all very chilled. Visit on a Saturday and there’s 20% off all food. 
And you should eat all the food – we ordered one of each side dish (excluding the slaw) and they were ALL delicious, particularly the deep fried pickles with a light crispy batter. Ooh, and the chilli cheese fries. Perv on the full menu here.

Great tunes, great pub, great burgers? It’s a good time guaranteed.

The Royal Oak
74 – 76 York Street




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