Steam Burger, Bodrum, Turkey

“Steam burger.” It’s the new taste of the world, apparently.

I had to try one.

I’d say in the simplest form, the steamed burger is an amalgamation of a small flat burger and a calzone. But without any of the good parts.

The bun was sickly sweet, and the patty was a thin little sliver of what I can only hope was meat. The whole package was moist and damp.

Actually it was wetter than that. It was properly soggy. The type ย of burger where you hurry to the loo after (pah, not like that!) to wash your hands because they smell of rankness.

A few years back I tried the “wet burgers” in Istanbul. They are all the rage there (after a night out mostly). I was kind of keen. But in Bodrum? Avoid the hammam inspired sweaty boxes of glass.Stick to the kebabs. More on those soon.



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