Review: Burgers At BrewDog/Texas Joe’s BBQ, Shepherd’s Bush, London

Eat a burger, go to a gig. The two come hand in hand for me, and for several others I’m sure. 
One of those “others” is my dad. So when we went to see Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes play in Shepherd’s Bush, it was a natural decision to have a burger together before. 
My poor dad. He sees how many burgers I eat. He loves burgers. I love burgers. We meet up, and we should eat great burgers together. But instead we ate the shittest of the shit, one of the worst burgers I have ever tried in this beautiful burger filled city. I want Burgers and Bruce to be positive place, but with burgers like this? Well, it’s tricky.

Granted, BrewDog Shepherd’s Bush isn’t claiming to be The Don of burger offerings. The focus here is on great craft beer, and fine beer it is too. 40 taps of it. We sampled very many.

But the burger.
The kitchen is run by “Texas Joe’s BBQ“, which I guess is where the problem lies. I went for the chicken burger (or sandwich). The saddest chicken that has ever existed, so small was the breast when it arrived I thought they’d forgotten to put it inbetween the flat, dry bun. That’s partly because it was camouflaged by mounds of tasteless melted cheese.

And that cheese was the only generous thing about this burger, because it certainly wasn’t the half a slice of old burnt bacon. Or the sauce, spread with little to no effort. The egg was, well it was an egg. The coleslaw was bland and lack-lustre. The chips were fine, but to charge £2 extra for a measly portion, on top of the £9 cost of the shite burger? Well it feels like they’re taking the piss a bit really.

The saving grace – just – was the friendly bar staff. Oh and the beer. If we weren’t in the area for the concert I would have downed some of their lovely pints and started warning other customers not to order the food. Instead we crossed the road and went to see Southside Johnny, and at several points throughout the night we turned to each other and said “that burger was SHIT”. It played on our mind.

All. Night.

Like two elephants, we won’t forget it.

And I still owe my dad a great burger.

Following this post the people at Texas Joe’s contacted me to apologise for the woeful chicken burger. I’ve had a fair bit of abuse for writing negative posts, but despite my, er, punchy comments, they were nothing but kind (and much to my regret, they seem to be Springsteen fans). 

Life is too short for bad burgers, and that’s why I want to hear about yours. If you’ve eaten a crap burger – and I mean monumentally shit – don’t let others do the same. Take a picture and send it to me –  along with price, location and a line or two on why it was so pants. And I’ll stick it on to the blog. burgersandbruce@gmail.com 

BrewDog, 15 – 19 Goldhawk Road, London W12 8QQ




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