Review: Parrilla Natural (Burger), Algarve, Portugal

This seemingly unimportant burger became much more significant when Springsteen joined the stage with The Rolling Stones in Lisbon recently. I get through a lot of burgers. I’m too embarrassed to tell you how many. Let’s just say about 50% of the burgers I eat make it on to here. I need to choose the very best, the very worst, or the very relevant.
And this burger is now relevant.
The Algarve is the region in South Portugal – not Lisbon, I know – but two hours down the road, and somewhere where E Street Fans, or Bruce himself, may head on holiday after a concert in the capital. Bruce’s naff vests aren’t fooling me, he can try to cling on to his young NJ boy look, but there is no doubt he enjoys the finer things in life. And the Algarve is just fiiine.
Allowing myself a “night off” from burger reviewing, I didn’t make notes or take pictures of the meal from every angle, as I normally would. But I remember this: the bun was soft and seeded, the patty was fantastic quality – this is a Uruguayan steak restaurant – and it was topped with chunky slices of soft onion and sun dried tomatoes, so big they lolled out the side. It was a mighty burger, difficult even for me to wade through.

Delicious though, and I’m confident that the above burger is one is one of the best in the area, despite bold claims from other local establishments:

For some reason I’d dismissed the Algarve as a holiday destination. I had this vision of dazzling luxury hotels, holiday villas dotted between golf courses and sun burnt Brits stumbling through busy resort towns. I don’t play golf, and my stumbling through resort town days are just about behind me. So what did the Algarve offer someone like me? Well, I discovered a surprisingly unspoiled and pretty coastline – long stretches of empty beach and ancient cobbled villages, it’s all there if you seek it out.

And the food. The food! My main reason for travelling anywhere, apart from a Springsteen concert. Freshly caught golden bream, hearty black pudding stews, custard egg pastry tarts – just some of the many dishes I feasted on (not at the same time of course).

Just like Bruce, I also enjoy the finer things in life.





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