Rarely Played Bruce Springsteen Songs: The Ones The Fans Long For

Not long ago I asked Bruce Springsteen fans on my Burgers and Bruce Facebook and Twitter to tell me their favourite little known or rarely played Springsteen songs, and the version they love the most too. I helped the Springsteen fan over at Mr Hyde put together a little list, but you sent me so many incredible suggestions that I thought I would compile all of them in one place for us all to enjoy. So sit back, relax, and have a listen to some of your very best, seldom played Bruce Springsteen songs. The ones we long for…


@thomasahannan and Mike Crestas and Ronald Gerber on Facebook – Unsatisfied Heart 

@Steve_308 – I’m Goin’ Back 


@HandsAtlanta @BiggestBossFan and Craig Green on Facebook – Thirty Days 

@JeckHart83 – If I Should Fall Behind

@RedHeadedGoose (and Teej Savostein) – Bishop Danced

@TomJoad49 – Waiting On The End Of The World 

@Maxdaga and @TMAN1138pm – Two Hearts In True Waltz Time

@Mr_Hyde (and Stewart Mackenzie) – (great cover version) It’s My Life

@OscarFoxley (also a favourite of Alan Lovett and Trev Pack) – Preacher’s Daughter

@MarcReinerShe’s So Fine 

@AndrewTLowryThe Fever

@RhodyRams96Janey Needs A Shooter

@GreasyLakeReal World

@ChrisTreloarWe All Hate Leeds Scum (feel free to call him a tosser on twitter)

@JonnyCave78Santa Ana 

@mightyjohnjohnChimes Of Freedom

@bhoyfrombilbaoThe Iceman

@_Boss_TalkRave On 

And on Facebook…

Chris Light – State Trooper

Mozy Shamah – Drop On Down And Cover Me 

Matthew Brown – The Losin’ Kind 

Ringo Bolzano – NYC Serenade

Martin Lieberman – Thundercrack 

Ronald Gerber – Cindy

Tom Noble – Sugarland

John Atkinson and Harry Harris – One Step Up

Bell Merriman and Lutz Gollner – Devils and Dust (full band version!)

Heinz Flowerybert Boesch – Valentine’s Day 

Mark Revell – Hearts Of Stone 

Happy listening Bruce Buds! That should keep us busy for a few days. Please do add your own suggestions in the comments section below, with the link, so we have them all in one place! Thanks!




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