Review: The Barking Dog Burger, Belfast

I eat a lot of burgers. In fact, ‘a lot’ is an understatement. I eat too many burgers.
So with so many burgers available, it’s really important for them to stand themselves out from the crowd, and keep me interested. Burgers need to treat me mean and keep me keen.
This Saturday, Springsteen is playing in Belfast, and I can’t blooming wait. I was over there last year, so thought it was about time I wrote up my post for other Bruce Buds visiting. When you’re not tucking into potato bread, soda bread or Tayto crisps – this is the burger you need to be eating.

On first glance The Barking Dog’s beef shin burger isn’t my normal ‘type’ Anyway, the bun is very floury, there’s rocket poking out at all angles, a thick tomato (bleurgh), and the chips are chunky, not my preferred fries. It’s all a bit manicured for me, and there’s not much I dislike more than… manicured burgers.

But as the saying goes, looks can be deceiving. This burger has played me well. First bite consists of a white lightly toasted bun (Belfast isn’t into the brioche bun thing yet), peppery freshness from the rocket, salty cheddar which is incredible with the sticky caramelised onions, and a soft well seasoned patty.
The second bite is where the burger gets really attractive. There, hidden in the centre of the beef patty is 2oz of deliciously rich beef shin. Slow cooked for hours, it oozes out of the patty with a messy sticky red wine flavour, which goes perfectly with the smear of horseradish sauce and sweet onion. It’s almost a mini roast in between bread. Which is genius really.

The burger and chips are so big (that’s 8oz of beef there) it took me a while to polish it off. But don’t worry, I got through it. Priced just under £12, it’s on the expensive side for a burger, but worth every penny. 
If you’re looking for a drink to go with this beefy richness, The Barking Dog has it’s own beer on tap, The Barking Brew, brewed exclusively for them.
Bruce Buds, tear yourselves away from the pit queue on Saturday or put The Barking Dog on your list for Sunday – this is a catch of a burger!
The Barking Dog, 33 – 35 Malone Road, Belfast, BT9 6RU




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