Shake Shack Burgers, London

This post is very brief because tomorrow I’m flying to Italy to see Springsteen and I haven’t packed, booked a place to stay, and perhaps most importantly, found my passport yet.
My priority this evening was to go to Shake Shack, one of the newest burger openings in London. Shake Shack was originally started up in New York, many years ago, by Danny Meyer – a Springsteen fan I might add. This place will always have a special place in my heart, because it was at a Shake Shack, before a Springsteen concert, that I had the idea to start this blog. Just over a year later, here I am again, eating a Shake Shack burger and preparing to see Springsteen. Some things never change.
Many of you will know the legendary Shake Shack as one of the ‘must try’ burgers in the US. When I first tried them back then, I couldn’t believe the juiciness. It ran down my arms and almost ruined by beloved Springsteen jumper. 
Now that Shake Shack has opened in London, it’ll be a regular hang out for me – and thankfully much cheaper for me to get to than New York. Not only are the burgers incredible, they are well priced too (a single Shack Burger costs £5).
So I had to try everything on offer, just to make sure the burgers are as good as I remember.

SmokeShack (with bacon and peppers)
A short pause to take in the surroundings
UnionShack Concrete (basically ice cream chocolate goodness)
One for the road
When Springsteen Season is over (end of July) I’ll be spending a lot of time at Shake Shack, trying to make myself feel better by eating loads of delicious burgers. 
A more detailed review to come then.
24 Market Building. The Piazza, Covent Garden WC2E 8RD




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  • James Riall

    Awesome! I work 5 minutes from here, will definitely make sure to take some colleagues/clients out to lunch here soon!