Bruce Springsteen: Burger Fan?

A Burgers and Bruce report.

One of the first questions people ask me when they discover my, er, passion for burgers and Bruce Springsteen, is whether Bruce himself likes burgers. My answer is always “of course he does”. Because really, why wouldn’t you like burgers?
But I keep having a dream. I’ve had it a few times now, and it’s been gathering momentum recently – I suppose it’s because I’m in Springsteen Season. I keep having the same dream, over and over.
I keep dreaming that I get the chance to meet Bruce Springsteen. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity (and even that’s being generous) so in my dream I’m pretty excited.
After a bit of chit chat and photo, I feel compelled to ask Bruce where his favourite burger joint is. I’m hanging on his every word. Will it be a small unassuming diner in New Jersey? A street food stall in London? Or a more luxurious European hotel burger he’s discovered during his years of touring?
Bruce looks at me with a horrified expression on his face. He shakes his head appalled. 
He tells me he doesn’t like burgers.
He tells me that they make him fat.
He prefers steamed fish and portions of green leafy veg.  He doesn’t eat carbs in the evening and he definitely doesn’t eat bread.
My dream quickly spirals into a nightmare.
I wake up in a cold sweat. I’m in a panic.
I feel confused, is this real? I question my blog, my values, the meaning of life….
As I’m sure you can appreciate, this dream has been playing on my mind. So I decided to do some detective work, and gather evidence that Bruce Springsteen does in fact love burgers, like I do.
Exhibit A: The Song
Back In The USA. Mid song Bruce stops, claiming “if I go for any longer than two hours without a hamburger, I start to shake. I break out in a cold sweat….I start to twitch…I stutter”. 
I have to say, I understand how Bruce feels here. I get this a lot. Even though it was in 1975, this statement suggests to me that Bruce is partial to the odd burger. It’s a good song too.
Exhibit B: The Money Shot
Photographic evidence of Bruce ordering burgers. In my experience of detective work (minimal) there isn’t much better proof than this. Granted, this picture was taken some time ago, and I can’t work out where it is, but does a person’s food philosophy change that much? I don’t think it does.

Exhibit C, D, E:
The thing is, this investigation is a work in progress. There are no more exhibits. I need to see it believe it. Ideally, I need to eat a burger with Bruce.

But I have to face the reality that this probably won’t happen.

So I need your help. Are there any more clues that Bruce Springsteen does love burgers?
Please help me sleep easy at night. I can’t keep having this nightmare.




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This post was written by Hannah BurgersAndBruce

  • Haha! Sorry, but I can't not giggle at that post!

    Well he definitely eats hot dogs! There's a story about him stopping by an (American) pit queue where they were having a bbq and asking for a dog. And a man who eats hotdogs must surely also eat burgers. Plus he's a man, he drinks beer onstage, wishes he had souvlaki and eats cake. If he doesn't also eat burgers then he's clearly all kinds of wrong.

  • I say that he loves those burgers and every other garbage food that we all love, including fries of course, but he's way too smart to indulge and that he really does eat as he describes in your dream. Because he's smart! No one could look and perform him if he didn't do that!! Great stuff here. Your blog is ADORABLE!!!!