A One Year Thank You!

I’m going to get emotional for one minute. Stick with me.
It’s just about a year since I started my blog, Burgers and Bruce. 
It started when my friends were a) fed up hearing me talking about the burgers/food I’d been eating b) even more fed up at seeing me mope around, suffering the tragedy of the ‘Bruce Blues’ when last year’s tour ended. With this year’s European leg of the Wrecking Ball tour now over, the Bruce Blues are back. It’s not a pretty sight.
I’d had the idea to do something like this when I saw Springsteen in New York in April 2012, but fearful of technology (not much has changed) I couldn’t face going through the trauma of understanding how to set up a blog. After my final concert of 2012 in London, I thought that surely there must be some fans going through the same, dramatic, Bruce-less heart ache as me. I then made the decision to try to face my fears, and get two of my biggest passions online: a space to share my love of Springsteen’s music, food/ travel.
So this short post is really is a big thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way.

To those who have patiently assisted me uploading images of burgers when I’ve felt ready to hurl my laptop out the window in frustration, to those who have pointed out spelling and grammar mistakes. For those of you who have encouraged me to keep blogging when I’ve thought “who gives a sh*t?” – thank you for calming me when I’ve gone through a burger/Bruce blogging confidence crisis, and for assuring me that someone is reading and relating to what I say.

Thank you to friends and family who have traveled with me to see Springsteen and the band, catering to my slightly neurotic pit queue behaviour, and to friends and colleagues who have humoured me, pretending to be interested in set lists, when really I can see your eyes glazing over in boredom…

Big thanks to food lovers who have recommended burgers around the world that I need to try. My list of burgers to try is now worryingly long, and my waistband…let’s not go there.

Thank you to the incredible people I’ve met along the way – Bruce Buds who’ve helped me find tickets and accommodation, and those I’ve spent time with before, during and after a concert, having some of the most memorable moments of my life!

To everyone who has tweeted me to say that you’ve enjoyed a post, re-tweeted me, or taken the time to comment or email me, your support is really encouraging – and it means so so much to me. 

To Springsteen fans, burger lovers and anyone else in between – a big big THANK YOU!!

That’s enough of the emotional stuff, I’ll be back to my normal self shortly….




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This post was written by Hannah BurgersAndBruce

  • Anonymous

    Cool stuff Burger Girl, it's been great meeting you at some amazing shows. Love the blog and I can confirm the burgers at Wembley were the best of the tour for me.

    All the best to you and A.


    • Anonymous

      Cool blog. Well written pieces. Good Stuff 🙂

      ive only been to 3 of his gigs all in london the last year but each one i find is just as excellent as the last. He does say 3 gigs a week at 63 yrs old 3 to 4 hours its just amazing really…

      Do u ever cook your own burger.


    • I do occasionally although I admit they aren't anywhere near as good as the burgers you can get in london!!