Why Everyone Must See Bruce Springsteen in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A couple of weeks ago I was sat at home quite happily watching some TV when a very exciting bit of news popped up on Twitter and got me all restless – yep, Bruce Springsteen to play in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in September 2013.
I yelped in excitement as I have been waiting for this moment for YEARS. I text anyone I thought would care, but as seems to be the norm at the moment, not many shared my enthusiasm. 
But for any Bruce Springsteen fan who does share my enthusiasm but is considering not going, I beg you to reconsider! I admit, the flights are expensive, but I’ve visited Rio before and can personally vouch for the fact that Bruce playing in this city is a match made in heaven. They are both so damn cool.

With this in mind, I decided to create a little photo blog to tempt more Springsteen fans into going. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

First of all, lets start with the beaches. No beach in the world is as cool and as fun as Copacabana Beach. It’s got a chilled vibe, huge waves, it’s great for surfing, or if like me you don’t surf, it’s also ideal for a wave jumping.

It’s also got footvolley. Forget volleyball, or football, this is where the real skill is it, and you can sit watching these guys playing until the sun goes down, beer or coconut in hand.

When you tire of the beach, you’ve got to take in some of Rio’s sights (no not just the women on the beach). I went up Sugar Loaf mountain by cable car, where you will get the best views over the city, over the beaches and the favelas. I’d go in the late afternoon so you see Rio by day time….

At sunset….

And at night….

Another must see is of course Christ the Redeemer, an iconic sight visible from most parts of Rio. Just go early to avoid the crowd and get your money shot.

For football fans, a game is a must. Sadly I didn’t get to see one, so I thought this picture of a mural would have to do.

Of course, food plays a massive part in why I love Rio, and if you are a steak lover like me, you will be in meat eating heaven. In Brazil, it’s really popular to eat at pay by weight buffet restaurants. Sounds odd, but it’s the best way of getting the best quality steak for a really good price – cooked right in front of you. What’s more, you can keep going back for more, and more, and more. Until you suffer a serious food coma and need to go to bed.

Another favourite of mine is a restaurant called Garota da Ipanema. It’s a little touristy, which I normally try to avoid, but the ‘steak for two’ is one of the best meals I have ever eaten and one I find myself day dreaming over all to often. My photo is a little ropey, but the steak arrives on a mini grill, thinly sliced and you then cook the slices yourself, to your liking. It’s salty and incredibly moorish, and you’ll even be sad when the side dish of rice and peas is over. This meal alone is a reason to visit Rio, forget Bruce and the band.

No I take that back, never forget Bruce and the band.

As if all these reasons aren’t enough, Rio also has the best selection of dogs in fancy dress that I’ve ever seen. It really is a fashion parade of outfits, see this poor sod for example who I managed to pap whilst he was out shopping in the very stylish area of Rio called Ipanema.

Ipanema isn’t just great for dogs in fancy dress, it’s got an amazing selection of bakeries too, rows and rows of pastries and dough lined up begging you to choose them. As a street food lover, I would recommend trying a coxinha, which is a teardrop shaped ball of shredded chicken encased in dough and then deep fried. It’s a perfect little snackette and great with a few drops of chili sauce.

I have been known to travel on impulse to see Bruce and have suffered the financial consequences later, however there really is nothing to contemplate here. This is a well thought out, sensible decision, and I can not WAIT to see Springsteen in Rio.

I just hope to see some fellow Bruce Buds there beside me!

 *Update. It’s 4th August 2013 and the European leg of the 2013 Wrecking Ball tour has ended. I’ve realised, after indulging in so many dates across Europe, that I don’t have the funds to make it to Rio. BUT if you can, you definitely should. Incredible city – I hope to see them there at some point.




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  • I'll be there! Provided my visa makes it in time…. Will provide report!

  • Anonymous

    I'm here…..going to sao Paulo tomorrow then rock in rio on Saturday. …10000 miles from the UK!!!