In N Out Jacket

Something quite remarkable happened to me a few weeks ago. I was doing the usual, moaning about the weather whilst peering out the window. Then, something far more interesting than the weather caught my eye. Something very interesting indeed.
There, glistening on a hanger at the charity shop over the road, was the most beauitful jacket I have ever seen.
An In N Out varsity jacket.
After years of scouring charity shops for that one off vintage Springsteen t-shirt, I come across this beauty just metres from where I live. This definitely isn’t a fashion blog, and I’m certainly no fashionista, but hey I know I good retro jacket when I see one. And this is one hell of a jacket.

My faith in charity shops is restored. But all I can think is who in their right mind would give this away? Who would commit such a crime.

It’s a little on the big side (this person must have eaten A LOT of burgers), but the leather sleeves and wool body will keep me warm and toasty. This will be my winter essential for the next few months and I think it will go with pretty much every outfit.

Sadly (or do I mean smugly?) this jacket is quite tricky to come by, but I have seen them on ebay for a couple of hundred dollars. It’s worth it, right?




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