I’m On Fire – Cousin Cole Remix

Finding other Bruce fans is such a treat, but when you find people who are both burger and Bruce lovers – well that’s even better! That’s why I was so happy when fellow burger fanatic @Burgeracblog revealed that he is also partial to a bit of Bruce. Albeit not to the same extent, he dabbles in Bruce’s music, but he still appreciates his greatness.

Admittedly, I’m set in my ways, and I am normally quite reluctant to hear remixes/covers of Springsteen‘s music – I’m not convinced it can ever be better. I also LOVE the song I’m On Fire – I haven’t heard it live (yet) but it’s definitely in my top five list of Bruce tunes, one I listen to over, and over, and over…
So when Burgerac sent me this remix of the song, I was a bit nervous before I had a listen – there’s nothing worse than hearing a Springsteen song ruined. But I have to say, despite my concerns, I am loving this version by ‘Cousin Cole’ – who clearly knows his stuff. It takes a while to get going (it’s a little too funky for me at the beginning), but when it gets there, it’s very addictive.
The original will always be my favourite but this remix is pretty damn cool and it’s had me tapping my toes at work for the last few weeks!
Have a listen here and see what you think!




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