Hungry Heart 2019 Tour – All Springsteen All Night

A few of you may have noticed that I’ve been a bit busy on something else Bruce Springsteen-related – Hungry Heart!

In case you’ve missed it, I’ve started up a new new night out for Bruce Springsteen fans – the world’s only Bruce Springsteen-dedicated club night. HUH!

Hungry Heart has grown from a little (but loud) get together in a pub to a full on event with its own tour, and I’m so excited that it’s being so well received. It brings me so much joy to see so many smiling faces on these nights, and to see people less loose and dance!

So what is it? Well basically it’s a chance to hear all your favourite Springsteen tracks blasted at full volume under one roof. Big album hits, live versions, B sides and more: we play six to seven hours of non-stop Springsteen in some of the world’s finest music venues. I run the night with two other guys called Thom and Jon, and we spend MONTHS putting plans together for each Hungry Heart date. Every song is carefully considered, every video (yep there’s video too!) has been meticulously planned.

After a run of sell out events in London and Dublin in 2018, this year we are taking the night on a little jaunt around the UK, to Leeds, Cardiff, London, Belfast, Glasgow and Liverpool.

Here’s the info you need:

Hungry Heart Springsteen tour

And below is a video that’ll give you a feel for the night. Liberating, feel good, raucous, sweaty!

I love meeting fellow Springsteen fans, so I hope to see some of you there.

For more info or to buy your tickets, head to





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  • Kate Brown

    Hey you know I have a feeling your blog is going to go a little crazy next year when he goes on tour again… It is inevitable, right? The new album is getting released June 14th! 🙂 Think I might steal your touring with Bruce idea though and get a few concert tickets in Europe and London so i can travel and have a fab experience at Bruce gigs simultainioussly! It would be amazeee if it all works out this way.