Hungry Heart Number 2: Star of Kings

Imagine experiencing the joyous, liberating and life-affirming feeling of being at a Springsteen concert… but in a pub! Hungry Heart is the best (OK, it’s the only) Springsteen-dedicated night out in the UK, and I’d love for you to play your part…

Join me and my Hungry Heart co-partner Thom on Saturday 21 April at the Star of Kings (Kings Cross, London) where we’ll be hosting a party filled filled with beers, burgers and bumper-to-bumper Springsteen. We’re super excited to have Yeah! Burger in the kitchen, who’ll be rustling up a menu of Bruce-approved burgers (he likes them simple with cheese and a squirt of ketchup – legend), along with vegan burgers. The bar will be stocked with the usual drinks you’ll expect to have at a pub, and our DJ will be blaring the best (as if there’s any bad stuff) of Bruce, all night long. 
The evening kicks off at 7.30pm for food, and we suspect there’ll be some dancing later on, if the first Hungry Heart get together is anything to go by. Closing time is 1am, so consider your entire night sorted.
Bring your friends, bring your family or just bring yourself… there’s no better place to meet other fans.
Here’s an idea of how the last one went…
Hungry Heart UK
Hungry Heart UK
Early bird tickets are £7 and burgers from Yeah Burger on the night cost from £7… beers etc at normal pub prices! You can grab your tickets here
Hungry Heart is brought to you by Hannah from Springsteen blog burgersandbruce.com and Thom, founder of pizzapilgrims.co.uk




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