Hungry Heart: The Pies That Bind (a night of Bruce Springsteen, beer and pizza)

Ever been on a night out and moaned on about how bad the music is? Ever sat in a restaurant/pub and endured chart ‘hits’ that have no basically no melody (and don’t get me started on the lyrics…). ME TOO.

There is a solution… and I’d love you to be a part of it. For a long time I’ve wanted to hold some sort of Bruce night – a Springsteen soirée that gathers Bruce fans into a space, a space where his songs are played All. Night. Long (with a few other Bruce fans thrown in to appreciate it with you).

That’s why I’ve Bruce-buddied up (sorry) with Pizza Pilgrims to hold a night of non-stop Springsteen, non-stop pizza and non-stop beer*. I’ve raved about Pizza Pilgrims‘ epic dough/cheese combos for ages (one of the best places to eat in London, no question) and all of that is improved by the fact that Thom, the, erm, boss of Pizza Pilgrims, is a massive Springsteen fan. Handily, Springsteen is a massive pizza fan, too. All this comes together to create our new Bruce Springsteen party: Hungry Heart.

*please drink responsibly

SO, on Saturday 11th November we will be holding this night of Bruce, pizza, beer and more in the basement of Pizza Pilgrims, West India Quay, London. In the absence of an E Street Band tour, this is our chance to eat and drink while Bruce blares out over the speakers (with no one telling us to turn it down). This isn’t a rave up (yet), but potentially the first of other Springsteen-inspired events. 

Bruce Springsteen night

Tickets are £10 and include copious amounts of pizza, a beer and of course BRUCE on the decks. The night will run from 6pm – 10pm (bed by midnight, it’s a Saturday after all) and is gonna be, how should I put this… FUN.

Every attendee needs to tell me their favourite Springsteen song (and most importantly, which version (live? Year? etc) and hopefully it will – as long as it’s not a live version of New York City Serenade, which would leave no time for other songs – be played on the night. Please be wary of mood killers. 

Bring your mates, your mum and your Springsteen t-shirts (ideally wearing them). You can purchase your tickets right here.

It’s The Pies that Bind (sorry again). See you there!




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This post was written by Hannah BurgersAndBruce

  • George

    Wish this was happening in New York City as well!

  • Alan Sargeant

    Darn, too late, tickets have sold out, if any come up please let me know!

  • Dermot Meehan

    Just saw this, will there be another one ?