Burger at The Bite, Zurich, Switzerland

Sandwiched between two porn shops in Zurich you’ll find the world’s most expensive burger. But it’s a good one.

We found The Bite in a part of Zurich that I quite liked. It felt less polished, less chocolate box than the rest of the city. There were strip clubs and adult film shops, then more strip clubs and adult film shops.

The Bite is a cool little restaurant with a lovely outdoor courtyard – all plants and dangling light bulbs. I looked at the menu before we went in and thought it was a joke. £25 for a burger and chips? I mean, that’s crazy talk.

I went for the standard cheeseburger (there was no way I was paying £6 more just for a slick of satay sauce. I left that to Greasy Lake).

It was so lovely. A huuuge juicy patty, shit cheese (but good cheese), perfect bun, tomato (removed), lots of mayo, homemade pickles and a frilly bit of lettuce.


It comes with normal skinny chips or animal fries (you pay £100 extra for that, obviously). But they’re worth it: caramelised onion, bacon bits and optional thousand island dressing (bit odd, didn’t go for that). And then it’s smothered in Fanta-orange cheese, and squidgy and warm and stringy.

Around us, the cool Zurich crowd were scoffing huge plates of nachos with so. much. topping, and good-looking wings. I had the appetite for them, but not the money.

Let me clarify: The Bite isn’t some high-end restaurant. It’s just that Zurich is expensive. And post Brexit, it means burgers turn into £25 burgers (and there I was thinking this £18, Nils-Logren-vetted burger in Gothenburg had been pricey). If you’re going to spend £25 on a meal in this city, make it this damn fine burger.

See the-bite.com for info.






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