James McAvoy, burgers and Bruce Springsteen

Why read my words about burgers when you can read James McAvoy’s words about burgers?

I interviewed McAvoy about his role as Professor X in the latest X-Men film (link to the feature below).

After some obligatory film chat I asked him about his favourite burger in London, natch. His response was… colourful:

“I love burgers. Shake Shack is my favourite burger. It’s awesome, it’s amazing. I could lose myself to Shake Shack. I could have an affair with a Shake Shack burger.”

I told him about Lucky Chip, and how they name their burgers after Hollywood actors (the Kevin Bacon, etc). He liked that. “Faaaaantastic,” he said (imagine a slow, yet enthusiastic, Scottish slur).

Then I suggested he tries Bleecker St burger, one of my favs in London. He’s seen them on the South Bank, but not committed yet. “You MUST,” I told him. He said he will. I think he will, he really loves burgers. Especially greasy ones. He wants to sleep with some of them.

As for Bruce? Well, his knowledge isn’t too shabby.

“Where’s he from, he’s from New Jersey isn’t he? Wow, have you been to New Jersey and had a burger?”

“Yes yes yes,” I say.

“OKKKK niiiiice,” he says.

“I like him,” he adds. “I’ve never been a humongous fan, but I’ve seen him live at the Emirates and that was pretty cool. It was awesome actually.”

“But I think burgers… and Bruce Springsteen… is a holy combination.”

Who am I to argue with James McAvoy?

Read the full interview with James McAvoy in Square Mile magazine.

James McAvoy interview and burger chat
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