New book: Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band by Barbara Pyle and Snap Galleries Springsteen exhibition

WARNING. This blog post comes with the risk of dropping a couple of hundred beans on Springsteen prints. The good news is you can also buy a book for far less.
As you may have seen, a book of fiiiiine Springsteen and the E Street Band pics is due to be published by Reel Art Press at the beginning of November. The book’s the work of Barbara Pyle and captures photos of the band during the recording, rehearsing and touring of Born to Run. It’s all behind-the-scenes stuff and Barbara was one of the only photographers at the time to get inside access to the band.
Along with photos of the band on tour, it includes pages of their first ever passport photos. 
I know right, it’s gonna be a corker. 
Below you can see a couple of images from the book (I’ve seen more, and they are aces).
Along with this, there’s an exhibition taking place at Snap Galleries in London until 28 November where you can buy some of Eric Meola’s Springsteen photographs taken in 1977. Eric is pals with Barbara, and Snap Galleries is running an exhibition of his work to coincide with 40 years of Born to Run and the launch of Barbara’s book (which you can also buy there).
The prints are a bit spenny, but as with all money spent on Springsteen, it’s best to consider it an investment piece. Plus, it’s better than a print of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. If that’s on your wall, you need to replace it, quick.
Thinking of buying the book? Course you are. Details are here (it’s usually £40 but looks like it’s less sometimes) and some of the pics below.  Details on the Snap Galleries exhibition can be found here
Contain yourself, it’s exciting stuff:
Photographs by Barbara Pyle

Barbara Pyle Bruce Springsteen book
Blatantly just polished off a burger

No one can rock those sandals, not even Bruce

I love this pic but he ain’t gonna get a shot without a ball

All images © Barbara Pyle/Reel Art Press.




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