Review: Burger at La Cayejera food truck, Seville, Spain

Seville is famous for oranges, not burgers. Like that’s going to stop me!

While my group (it was a work trip) were herded around a shawl museum (yes – a museum of shawls – this is flamenco territory), I escaped to try a burger at the city’s first food truck, La Cayejera.

Here it is.

It’s almost as pretty as Seville itself. I had it to take away, found myself a shady spot in the park (really nice park – Maria Luisa), while oranges plonked from the trees around me.

The burger didn’t get the full love it deserved, which is sad. The first issue was I’d just had a massive lunch, and I was quite full (this was my only window to try the burger, so I had to go with it). Plus, I didn’t want to go to a shawl museum.

The second thing is, it was really quite hot, and heat and burgers don’t sit alongside each other that well. But I liked it. And considering we see so many food trucks nowadays, it was cool to visit one that’s just getting started. My only gripe – although I felt like this about a lot of the food I tried in Seville – was that it was a bit too salty. Still, it’s a good excuse to drink all the cervezas. And we did.

Seville’s cool, I’d be up for going back at some point. When I say “some point” what I really mean is “Springsteen’s next tour”. See ya there amigos.




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