Review: Burguer de bacalhau (black bun salmon burger), Lisbon, Portugal

What’s all this! A black bun?? With a pink wodge of fish?
Not the usual burger I write about on here, but it’s a good one. 
You may have seen me banging on about loving Lisbon. I may have said I want to wear the Portuguese flag around my neck, like a cape. I still do.
I’m so into Lisbon that I persuaded some pals we should go back to the city, try out the bars of Bally Ally (that’s Bairro Alto) and then head north to see Placebo play in Porto (more on that later).
But before all that, we had to try a burguer de bacalhau from O Prego da Peixaria in the Time Out food market. It’s a black bun packed with a huge ‘patty’ of salmon, dressed with pickled seaweed. Sound weird? It is a bit. But it’s also good, bizarrely filling – and at €7, it’s a steal. Definitely try it. And maybe share it, it’s pretty full on. 
While you’re at the Time Out market get some tempura beans with the mustard dip (from Cafe de Sao Bento).
And then go to Bally Ally. And make the most of the 40p bottles of Sagres. Yes, 40p.

All my other Lisbon tips are in one handy place, right here.
For a more traditional burger in Lisbon, head here.




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