Local dishes: a BIG sandwich at Melo’s bar and restaurant, Madrid, Spain

Here I am holding a massive F Off  sandwich in Madrid. Apparently it’s one of the biggest in Spain, and it’s a weighty, glistening, 8 inch heap Galician bread, ham and molten cheese.

You know what’s coming. Yes, I recommend you try it.
The zapatilla (meaning sneaker, because it resembles one in size) is *the* dish to order at Melo’s Bar in Madrid.

Now I know it looks a bit overwhelming, but share it and it’s fiiiiiiine

It’s a local kind of place – 1970s decor, old men in flat caps sipping beer, rowdy students, and tables littered with plates and glasses. When I say littered, I mean completely covered in shite. It was hard to resist tidying up.

Still, it all adds to the charm of the place. As does the surly owner, who tossed the sandwich at us when it was ready. Undeterred, as big fans of beer, cheese, bread and a “bit of local”, we loved it here. 
As you can see, the sandwich is hefty, so it’s best to share, leaving some space for pimentos on the side – fried (obviously, I think everything here is) peppers, heaped with salt.

All that salt and cheese will leave you parched, so head round the corner to the dimly lit Plaza Lavapies for a bucket of beer (small stubbies in a bucket, not a bucket and straw – the Madrilenos are far too sophisticated for that stuff). Or you can have a gin and tonic in a glass the size of your head (maybe they aren’t that sophisticated after all).

Grannies knit and natter, and youths dance provocatively to hip hop, asking if you want to buy weed…

Is there a better way to start your Saturday night in Madrid? Nope, I don’t think so.

Calle del Ave Maria 44
28012 Madrid 




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