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*Since I first posted this review I’ve been told that the Flying Burger Company has gone down hill a little. Hope that’s not the case!

Up until this point I’ve been unconvinced by the idea of having a burger delivered. A few months back I tried Chosen Bun burger delivery with my friends at work, and whilst we felt they had the components of a good burger, the simple fact was that the burgers arrived cold. The worst way to eat a burger. At that point I dismissed the idea of burger deliveries. Part of my love of food is going out to eat, the restaurant/stall, the atmosphere, the music, my food arriving hot – all those elements I harp on about in my blog posts.

And then the other day I got a place in the London Marathon. And whilst that might make me appear very active in one sense, jogging my way around London, the marathon is also giving me an excuse to be ridiculously lazy in other aspects of my life. At the moment this involves returning from my longer training run on a Saturday, slathering myself in fragrant moisturising beauty products, putting on my pyjamas and lying sprawled across the sofa until my body feels normal again. 
This was when Flying Burger Company swooped into my life. When even the Tesco on the corner feels like a painful mission to get to, can there be any better way to refuel than eating a burger on my sofa in my pyjamas? No.
The menu is pretty extensive, and if I’m honest I wanted to try a few of the burgers but thought that would be greedy, so we only ordered one burger each. I chose The Wide Blue Yonder (blue cheese burger, £8.75) and my friend went for The Afterburner (chili burger, also £8.75). The sides were tempting, so instead of chips which we thought may not travel well, we went for chicken wings and veggie fritters.
Marvellous. Truly, not just because I was in a post run heap on the sofa. My blue cheese burger arrived warm, lovingly wrapped in paper before I ripped it away to reveal a double patty burger with bouncy unseeded white bun – not at all soggy despite its flight path to my doorstep. Inside, the burger is generously smothered with a rich red onion chutney, a layer of frilly green lettuce and a squirt of blue cheese sauce providing just enough saltyness to the chutney’s sweetness.

The Aberdeen Angus beef patties come in pairs and for this reason are pretty thin and light (3oz each I’m told). Personal preference would usually have me going for a thicker and bigger single patty, but these slimmer patties were still perfectly cooked, and seasoned. The whole bundle was still very manageable to pick up and eat without burger slipping out all over my freshly washed PJs.

My friend too was equally pleasured. Battling a hangover, The Afterburner brought her back to life again. I asked for an extra pot of her burger’s chorizo and pepper jam which was totally different to any other bacony jam I’ve tried (namely Burger Bear Tom’s). This version was chunkier and the chorizo addition was brilliant, I just ate it by the spoonful. 

The fritters, or sweetcorn patties, were a revelation for a burger menu. Served with tzatziki, they made the meal feel a little more virtuous, and the veggie burger, which comes packed with these lightly fried sweetcorn bites, must be one of the most refreshing veggie burger options in London (basically more thought has gone into it than the standard “we can just use a mushroom”). 
Flying Burger Company – not just for lazy people attempting to run the London Marathon, or their hungover friends. It turns out that having burgers delivered is great, especially when it’s The Flying Burger Company’s burgers landing in your lap. 

The Flying Burger Company currently deliver to most postcodes in Hammersmith, Notting Hill, High Street Kensington and Shepherds Bush.

Essential Info:
Website: www.flyingburger.co
Twitter: @FlyingBurgerCo
London delivery postcodes: W11 3, W11 2, W11 1, W14 8, W14, 0, W12 8, W11 4, W6 7




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    I Love them too and miss them incredibly!