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You won’t often have me talking about fashion on Burgers and Bruce – I’ll admit it’s not my area of expertise. Having said that, I do know a great Bruce Springsteen t-shirt when I see one, and I’m always looking to build my collection of Springsteen related clothing. It just makes it easier to decide what to wear each morning.

When we saw Bruce in Kilkenny, Ireland, this year (full write up here), Bruce made a little thank you to the E Street Fans, in which he recognised our efforts and dedication to our favourite band. Happy happy days, Bruce’s ‘salute’ has now been made into a t-shirt, another wardrobe essential for any fan.

The t-shirt has the full ‘thank you’ from Bruce and the band printed across the back. Naturally, I’m particularly fond of the burger eatin’ mention.

T-shirts come in a variety of colours and styles can be ordered from right here, where you will also find full details on the genius fans behind the t-shirt, Pauline Fairlie and Steven Woods. Proceeds are going to the Help Dan Fund, a website set up by another Springsteen devotee, to help raise funds for his son Dan, and increase awareness of autism.

I now own a Springsteen t-shirt for every day of the week, there really is no need to buy or wear anything else. Less money on shopping, more money for Springsteen tickets. 




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  • Anonymous

    Nice of you to help promote this Tshirt. Daniel is a charming little boy, and his family can use all our support. Been waiting weeks for the Tshirt to be revealed and ordered one straight away, now just eagerly awaiting it's arrival in the post.

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