Five Song Wish List For Bruce Springsteen’s Wrecking Ball Tour

*This list is waaaay out of date now. I should really write another…

My first Springsteen date of 2013 is edging closer. After the tour finished in 2012, Springsteen fans went through an unsettling period of not knowing when the next set of live dates would be. Now it’s upon us and I’m starting to get in a tizz about all the songs I’m desperate to hear. I’ve started making lists.

All Springsteen fans know that there’s no thrill quite like hearing the opening bars of that song, the one you’ve always longed to hear live. Every fan has a wish list, and often the songs you listen to most at home aren’t the ones you want to see in a stadium full of people. From Jungleland to Leap Of Faith, from No Surrender to Outlaw Pete (really?!) my Springsteen loving friends are holding out for a particular anthem or tear jerker this year.
In 2009 I traveled from concert to concert desperate to hear Backstreets, lugging my sign around, to no avail. In 2012 I managed to hear it twice, and my rain sodden sign could then be abandoned in a sorry looking cardboard heap (as could my paint smeared poncho).
For 2013 I’ve just about managed to narrow my wish list down to five songs. This list is in no particular order. That would prove too much of a challenge.
Number One: Talk To Me
Written by Springsteen for Southside Johnny back in the day, this is a catchy little number that makes me instantly happy. I’ve seen Southside Johnny perform it plenty of times but am yet to see Bruce and the band play it. My sign request carried over from 2012, hopefully this year Bruce will grab my sign and, well, Talk To Me!
Number Two: I’m On Fire
A short song but brilliant song nonetheless. Fairly rarely played, I’m not holding out much hope unless I get the whole of the Born In The USA album at one of my dates. Those lucky people in Paris in 1985…
Number Three: Cover Me
Hear this song once and it will be stuck in your head the rest of the day (more likely week). I would have loved to see this performed in the 80s when the Born In The USA album was released and Bruce was looking particularly…dashing…Still, I’d still certainly ‘settle’ for hearing it now. 
Number Four: Atlantic City
I’m cheating with this one because I have heard it live in Manchester and Isle of Wight 2012. It’s one of those songs that heard on an album is great, but seen live is totally transformed to another level. Unbelievably powerful – will I be lucky enough to experience that again this year?
Number Five: Ghost Of Tom Joad
Admittedly I’ve heard seen live too (Hard Rock Calling 2012) but that was nine minutes of spine tingling music I will never ever forget. I can only hope that one day I will see Tom Morello and Bruce do this again. Preferably this year.

The list could always go on – it’s been enough of a hard time narrowing it down to just five songs.

Keep your fingers crossed for me. If you’ve got a wish list (of course you do) I’ll keep mine crossed for you too!




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This post was written by Hannah BurgersAndBruce

  • Anonymous

    I had to go through a few having seen Bruce over the years and found that songs work differently on different occasions, weather, venue, audience etc. A few years ago he came out at the 02 in London and blasted the opening song as 1) Radio Nowhere. Number 2) (although not in order)in my book has to be Born to Run. I saw the concert where Clarence forgot to come in for his solo! Because the Night at number 3) with Nils playing guitar behind his head. I haven't seen Bruce play The Ghost of Tom Joad with Tom (so number 4)as it looks amazing and at number 5) let's finish with Amercian Land with the band across the front of the stage. These were difficult to separate from The River, Jungleland, Detroit Medley (1975), Waiting on a Sunny Day and Racing in the Street etc. I shall be sprinting for front of stage at Wembley soon. Worth seeing SSJ playing Talk to Me even away from Bruce.

  • Wow Hannah.. great list.. and as an Aussie I saw Bruce 4 times out of 10 on his tour here recently.. can I just say I was lucky enough to get Cover Me and I'm On Fire in Sydney, Atlantic City at Hanging Rock and the amazing GOTD (with Tom Morello each time) and every concert.. his guitar play is amazing.. Hope you get what you are waiting for 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I have had a hard think about this one and my favourites are, but not in any order:
    1) Hudson Hawk
    2) Pulp Fiction
    3) The Sixth Sense
    4) Die Hard
    5) Die Hard 2

  • That's a great list. Here's my own wishlist:

    1. Sherry Darling
    2. Red Headed Woman
    3. Gypsy Biker (or really anything from Magic)
    4. Streets of Fire
    5. Stolen Car

    It's a longshot with some of these but you never know! I'll be at Wembley, Glasgow, Coventry, Belfast,and Cardiff in the next couple of months so fingers crossed!

  • Anonymous

    Hi there,

    in Hannover "Atlantic City" was played!!! It was simply smashing! Like the whole concert!!!

    Heavy PostBruceBlues now ����

    Greetings from Bremen, Germany


  • Anonymous

    I like The River on the right occasion, with the right atmosphere.

  • I have just heard cover me and i'm on fire in munich and the ghost of tom joad and backstreets in padova. Bellissimo!