Review: Momzy Burger, Antigua – Best Burger In Antigua?!

Momzy Burger is famous in Antigua, and you have my word that they taste especially good at 4am after a night of rum punch in the Rasta Shack, which is the place to party on this fun island. There’s no Springsteen played at the Rasta Shack, but I was introduced to a great song ‘Dutty Angela‘ which I recommend listening to for comedy value.

Best ‘bar’ in Antigua – Rasta Shack

Street stall Momzy Burger is the end of night hang out for sailors, tourists and locals alike – anyone with an appreciation for burgers or a late night snackette.

I get the feeling it’s not about the quality ingredients for Momzy, the patties looked a bit budget…

…and the cheese slices not your finest cheddar…

The bun was soft and white, and that’s the extent of the detail I remember.  The burger is prepped with a little green lettuce, tomato and raw onion and a Momzy’s secret sauce.


I promised I wouldn’t give away her secret but I can reveal the sauce contained angostura bitters and hot sauce – a true Caribbean take on a cheeseburger.

It would be a bit indulgent to fly all the way to Antigua to visit Momzy, there’s plenty of other reasons to make a visit to this sunny island worthwhile, including:

Cheap local beers…

Tasty Caribbean cuisine…

‘Boat’ spotting…

Rum punch. By the gallon…


Not to mention the endless incredible beaches (a different one for each day of the year apparently).

Momzy said she’d been told she could be hugely successful with a burger street stall in London (that sauce would be legendary), but having visited Antigua – I can see why she wouldn’t want to leave it behind.

Momzy Burger, 300 Yards From Rasta Shack, English Harbour, Antigua




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