Review: Dirty Burger, Kentish Town, London

Dirty Burger has been open since late Summer 2012 but it has never really been on my list to try. Why? Well, there was just too much hoo haa around it. If there’s one thing I hate, it’s hype. So I dug my heels in, put it off, put it off, put if off…and let other people write lots of nice things about them. 
You see, Dirty Burger is the burger venture of the Soho House group, a members club with a hip and lovely selection of bars, restaurants and hotels. Whilst this is great, it made me question whether their burger was in fact, dirty.
But my American friend recently moved to Kentish Town in North London, and she kept asking me (nagging me) to go to Dirty Burger with her. I finally succumbed to the pressure and took myself off to their arty little shack for my obligatory weekend burger.

It’s true. The burger is super – juicy and messy. The bun is soft and fluffy and the patty is seasoned perfectly, very peppery, which I normally don’t like. The gherkins were thick and crunchy and the cheese tangy and gloopy.

I like lists, so I decided to make a list about my latest burger.

Things I like about Dirty Burger:

The Simplicity
Keepin’ it simple is the ethos here – there’s only one type of burger, a cheeseburger (aka the Dirty Burger) – a fried patty with some mustard mayo, gherkins and a bit of tomato and lettuce inside. No pulled pork, no bacon, no fancy garnishes. Just a good old cheeseburger. Bliss.
The Price
£5.50 (without chips) for an excellent tasting quality meat burger. That’s a bargain.
The Onion Fries
Crunchy deep fried goodness and they are surprisingly filling.

Drinks include ginger beer, shakes and bottomless tea. Anywhere that serves tea with burgers gets bonus points from me.
The Handwash
So clever. Not only is there a sink conveniently placed in the burger shack, it even comes with moisturising Cowshed soap. I love washing my hands, and I especially love washing them with Cowshed soap. This made me really really happy. As much as I love burgers, I really hate burger hands when I’m finished.

No need for these. Just wash your hands.

The Bun
Despite the juiciness, the bottom of the bun did not get soggy, at all.

Things I like just a little less about Dirty Burger:
The Northern Line
This tube line makes me feel like I’m going to have a panic attack every time I’m on it. Plus, I find it so confusing. Argghhhh.
The Stools
Stool seating is very convenient especially in a cosy and compact space like this, but I didn’t like  the fact that the stools around the edge have no rung at the bottom to prop your feet onto. My legs were left dangling like a child in a high chair and it made me feel very off-balance and anxious when I was eating my burger. So much so that I had to move.
Dirty Burger is simply too far from where I live. I’m desperate to go back for breakfast (bacon roll for £3.50) but I just don’t know how I can make this work. I might have to pretend to have a meeting. I must to go back.

Very minor irritations and not ones that would ever stop me from returning for another delicious burger, or two.

Go get your hands dirty.

79 Highgate Road, London NW5 1TL




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  • Anonymous

    I still haven't been, which by the sounds of it should be a crime!! Will put it top of the list for next week…

  • Just got home from Dirtyburger.

    Juicy, pink, gloopy burger.

    Although the burger seems small in pictures, coupled with a tasty chocolate shake (without fries), the meal ended up being nicely filling.