The Thomas Cubitt, Belgravia, London

I hate writing negative posts, partly because I feel bad, but also because I really don’t want to waste any more of my time on them. Reluctantly, I’m writing this brief post.
Recently I went to a lovely looking pub called The Thomas Cubitt in Belgravia, London. It’s a sister pub to The Orange, which I like for the friendly atmosphere and consistently great food I’ve had there. I had high hopes for The Thomas Cubitt because I’ve always loved The Orange.
It’s not the burger that’s the biggest problem at The Thomas Cubitt. The burger is…well it’s fine. It’s freshly made, it looks pleasant, but it didn’t blow my mind or stand itself apart from the other average burgers in London. The components individually were OK – brioche bun, beef patty (albeit very small), cheddar cheese, bacon (one slice though), tomato relish, slice of tomato (never necessary) and rocket. However, put together, it was lack-lustre and measly, especially for the whopping price of £14.50 – the very top end of what a London pub burger should cost. While eating, we likened it to an unloved Wetherspoon’s burger. Ouch.

Looks can be deceiving
But the burger wasn’t the biggest issue for me. We were too distracted by the crap attitude of the staff to get hung up about the food. Friendly service, in theory, should be one of the easiest things to get right, but the staff at The Thomas Cubitt seemed to have made the decision that having us as customers was too much hassle, with a worrying amount of eye rolling and loud sighs (no it wasn’t hormonal teenagers serving us either).

One waiter didn’t write down our food order, which is fine, but it seemed more because he couldn’t be bothered as opposed to knowing he could commit the dishes we wanted to memory. I get that this is what is ‘done’ in a lot of restaurants, but this is a pub and if you are going to do it, then do it right, and remember the correct dishes. Of course I understand someone making a mistake on a busy afternoon, but being made to feel like a nuisance for asking them to swap the dish you get, for the dish you actually ordered… Now that winds me up.

As a group of twenty-somethings, we weren’t the stereo-typical customer The Thomas Cubitt seemed to want. Every single one of my friends commented on the snobby attitude of the staff. Resenting their customers and huffing their way around, to quote my fed-up friend, The Thomas Cubitt was “monumentally shit”.

Average burger and bad service. I think I will leave it at that!

The Thomas Cubitt, 44 Elizabeth Street, London SW1W 9PA

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This post was written by Hannah BurgersAndBruce

  • Gutted. i've had quite a few good burgers from here in the past. They didnt look anything like your one though. Maybe they've got someone new in the kitchen…

    Service upstairs is much better I have to say than in the bar.

  • First floor is fine dining so a completely different offering. I wouldn't compare it to the bar/ground floor.

    I've always had a good experience. Best fish and chips in town.

    ps. Liked the post on Persian food.

  • This is exactly why I won't go here, and why the Thomas Cubitt is on my bf's shit list! The service has an awful reputation.

    Burger Sista xx

  • Been there three times and service and food was always great just like the orange! Mustve been a bad day, one of my favourite london burgers aswell!

  • Anonymous

    This restaurant seems to be getting a lot of comments. I ate there about 12 months ago and the food was OK, but agree with you on the lack of service as it was poor. Haven't been back since. Doesn't seem to have changed.