Review: Lucky Chip Burgers, Bethnal Green, London

Sometimes all you want is a big juicy burger. No wooden serving board, no thrice cooked chips – just a really good burger at a fair price. Step up Lucky Chip.

Lucky Chip is well known on the burger scene and for good reason. The burger experts currently have residency at the Sebright Arms close to Bethnal Green. It’s a trek for me be, but worth every effort for one of London’s most satisfying and well-priced burgers.

It’s a bit of a ‘cool’ venue. The interior is similar to that of a pub that hasn’t been refurbed since the 70s, but the crowd is a mix of young hipsters and burger lovers. The lights are dim, the floor is sticky, and the burger is sloppy. And I love it. 

The burgers at the Sebright Arms are all named after a range of actors. I enjoy watching Kevin Bacon films, and I also love his burger. The ‘Kevin Bacon’ is a simple bacon cheeseburger (£7), with a soft brioche bun, applewood smoked bacon, cheese, lettuce and relish. It’s a standard combination yet satisfying.

Another favourite of mine is the Tom Selleck, pictured below. Lucky Chip like to get funky with their burgers, and are one of the only places in London to do so. The Tom Selleck is a burger with cheese, leafy spinach, a ring of fresh pineapple and a beetroot infused onion ring inside. The pineapple is a welcome addition, but will make the burger slippery as hell. Luckily the white paper plate will catch any burger contents that slide out. Phew.

The chips from Lucky Chip are tasty but not your average chip – there is no crunch here, the chips are soft yet strangely addictive. There is also the option of chips with chilli – nice, but not essential for me. I would suggest eating two burgers instead of filling yourself with chips.

Go mad.

Lucky Chip is resident at The Seabright Arms, 31-5 Coate St, London E2 9AG




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